$configToolkitLogDir (not $logDirectory)?

//$configToolkitLogDir (not $logDirectory)?
$configToolkitLogDir (not $logDirectory)?2016-01-26T03:34:38+00:00

The Toolkit Forums General $configToolkitLogDir (not $logDirectory)?

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  • Craig
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    I found the variable $logDirectory in the Word documentation (v3.6.5) but that does not resolve when used in a script. $configToolkitLogDir does. I only found the $configToolkitLogDir var via some of the examples in the Doc. Pretty sure the doc just needs to be updated?

    p36: “$logDirectory | Path to log directory defined in XML config file”

  • Muhammad Mashwani
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    Yeah, that was incorrect in the documentation. I’ve already updated the documentation for the 3.6.8 beta.

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