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//Help Wanted: PSAppDeployToolkit Forums
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  • Dan Cunningham
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    Hey guys,

    As many of you know, we’ve had a ton of problems with the forums for a long time. Fundamental issues like logging in keep cropping up. Speed has been another huge factor, with the overall site being rather sluggish. And finally, cost for hosting has been a reason we’ve wanted to move away from this platform.

    As a result, we’ve been doing some investigation into migrating our forums to s a different platform. The good people at Discourse have offered us free hosting for the new PSAppDeployToolkit forums. However, we have opted not to migrate old content due to the complexity involved in doing so.

    And so, we could use your help. The new forums are up and running at PSAppDeployToolkit Forums. We would appreciate any help we can get with getting content in place. There’s a few forum regulars who have helped out others and posted guides, FAQs and generally some great information as resources. We would be very grateful for any help we could get in copying across some valuable content before we make a formal switchover.

    Feel free to message us if you think you can help, or just get started without us!

    Thanks again, Dan

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