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    I hope I can find some help here.

    I have a script set that with a switch I can install a shortcut for a specific instance. I have 10 instances which I will set each in SCCM for each need. I am looking for a way I can have an instance that wil set all 10 with a single switch

    This is an example of what I have for the individual items

    <pre class=”brush: powershell; gutter: true; first-line: 1; highlight: []; html-script: false”>
    Param (
    [switch]$1st_Prod = $false,
    [switch]$2nd_Prod = $false

    If ($deploymentType -ine 'Uninstall') {
    [string]$installPhase = 'Pre-Installation'
    ## Show Progress Message (with the default message)

    ## <Perform Pre-Installation tasks here>
    #Create OSD Task Sequence Environment Object

    If ($1st_Prod) {
    [string]$MICS_LOC = '\\'
    [string]$MICS_Arg = 'CF=Arg1'
    [string]$MICS_Sort_Name = '1st Prod.lnk'
    ElseIf ($2nd_Prod) {
    [string]$MICS_LOC = '\\'
    [string]$MICS_Arg = 'CF=Arg2'
    [string]$MICS_Sort_Name = '2nd Prod.lnk'

    [string]$installPhase = 'Installation'

    ##Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage 'Installing SAPPI MICS Client. Please wait…'

    Write-Log -Message "Installation of MICS Client bit has started. addComponentsOnly: $addComponentsOnly isServerOS: $isServerOS" -Source $deployAppScriptFriendlyName

    New-Shortcut -Path "$envAppData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\MICS\$MICS_Sort_Name" -TargetPath "$MICS_LOC\sharedsw\MICSCONF_NSS\LaunchProd\ML_Launch.exe" -Arguments $MICS_Arg -IconLocation "$MICS_LOC\sharedsw\MICSCONF_NSS\LaunchProd\ML_Launch.exe" -Description "ML_Launch.exe" -WorkingDirectory "$MICS_LOC\sharedsw\MICSCONF_NSS\LaunchProd"

    This is a snippet to give an idea. I suspect I may need some type of looping but not sure what is needed.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated and beers are certainly to be provided.



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