Use PSAppDeployToolkit without local administrator

//Use PSAppDeployToolkit without local administrator
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  • Kevin
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    I would like to discuss the possibility of using this great toolkit without being a local administrator. As a MSP, we have some customers who do not want their users to be local administrators, and the toolkit does not play nice with them. Some of the code in our deployment scripts need to run in user context, and don’t require local administrator.

    I do know that many of the functions in the toolkit require local administrator to work. Maybe there could simply be a reduced set of functions available if Deploy-Application.exe runs without elevation?

    We use this toolkit for nearly every application deployment in sccm, så it would rock to not need local administrator for everything.


  • Pierrick
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    This is because Deploy-Application.exe calls “powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass” !
    This is a good suggestion. 🙂

  • Kevin
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    If this guy is right, there should be no need to be local administrator for -ExecutionPolicy Bypass to work. See section 9.

  • Pelle
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    See AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml in SCRIPTROOT\AppDeployToolkit

    There is a setting called “Toolkit_RequireAdmin” which you could try and set to False. Haven’t tried it out, but seems to me it could be a possible workaround to your problem.

    Edit: This guys seem to have tried it out:

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