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Enterprise App Deployment, Simplified.

PSAppDeployToolkit is a versatile solution that streamlines and standardizes the process of software deployment, making it easier than ever to manage your IT environment. It has a comprehensive set of features, such as dynamic logging, user interaction capabilities, and customizable functionality.


Standardize and enhance every software deployment

PSAppDeployToolkit allows you to encapsulate a typical Windows Installer MSI or Setup executable to provide it with enhanced capabilities.

  • Validate prerequisites such as dependencies on minimum software versions

  • Ensure that in-use applications are closed and prevent reopening during the deployment

  • Capture any important settings that may be required for an upgrade or migration

  • Run the installation silently and capture logs in the event of an issue

A robust and battle-tested deployment framework

PSAppDeployToolkit was built with large enterprise environments in mind, where stability is absolutely crucial to ensure the success of mass deployments.

That stability is exactly why PSAppDeployToolkit is used by Fortune 500 companies and federal governments, banks, globally recognized brands, white-label packaging factories, defence contractors and military, in-house IT teams, consultants and managed service providers to deploy applications on millions of Windows endpoints all over the world every day.


Feature capabilities

Pre-Build Powershell Functions

Pre-built functions come with automated logging - so you can quickly find problems in your scripts if they occur.

Supports installation of applications on Citrix / Remote Desktop Session Host Servers

Perform MCM actions such as Machine and User Policy Refresh, Inventory Update and Software Update

3rd-Party Integration

Handles MCM exit codes, including time sensitive dialogs supporting *MCM Fast Retry* - providing more accurate Reporting (no more Failed due to timeout errors).

Supports the MCM application model by providing an install and uninstall deployment type for every deployment script.

User Experience

An indeterminate progress dialog with customizable message text that can be updated throughout the deployment.

Branding of the above UI components using a custom logo icon and banner for your own Organization.

The UI is localized into several languages and more can be easily added using the XML configuration file.